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Who we are: Board Members

Kerstin Firmin

Kerstin Firmin is the Director of Communications and PR for The Bar Association of San Francisco and its Justice & Diversity Center. In that role, she manages editorial design, marketing campaigns, and communication technology projects. Kerstin is also a member of the National Association of Bar Executives and speaks regularly on topics like graphic design and data-driven communication.

Born and raised in Europe, Kerstin has lived in the Bay Area for nearly two decades and is at home in Oakland, a city that inspires her every day. From theater to street art to punk rock, Kerstin and her partner enjoy art that is bold, direct, and relevant. Dedicated to the idea that art is a catalyst for change, Kerstin is an active participant in fomenting that change in her home town and beyond.

Thus, it was no surprise that Kerstin was immediately hooked by her first Crowded Fire Theater experience – the 2015 production of BLACKADEMICS by Idris Goodwin, directed by Mina Morita. Inspired and driven, Kerstin is excited to be a part of an organization committed to creating bold and relevant live theater.

What is art, if it’s not bold and fearless? To me, art transforms, transports, and connects us, human to human. Crowded Fire Theater productions never leave me unaffected – they provoke questions and trigger discussions that might not otherwise happen. Crowded Fire’s commitment to diverse, emerging voices leads to fresh, bold work that rattles the cage of assumptions about what theater means.

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