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Who we are: CFT Staff

Bethany Herron

Administrative Consultant

Bethany Herron (she/they) is an Oakland-born writer and arts administrator who has worked in Bay Area theaters for the past decade. She studied theater and English literature at San Francisco State, which led (in a roundabout way) to her prior positions on the development teams at American Conservatory Theater and Berkeley Repertory Theatre. In these roles, their communication skills came to the forefront while they also discovered a talent for analytical approaches to program development and impact reporting. Prior to these roles, they oversaw comprehensive marketing and fundraising campaigns at Environmental Traveling Companions, and balanced the books at a small East Bay publishing house. She has been a union waitress and a union freight train conductor, and is a bit surprised to now find herself on the management side of the table. 

To reach Bethany directly, email BethanyH (at)

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