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Who we are: Board Members

Fatema Crane

Fatema Crane is a Bay Area native and graduate of Lowell High School and UC Berkeley, who joined Crowded Fire Theater in 2018. A keen observer of social phenomena, she recognizes the essential roles of expression in the healing of our collective selves and public spaces as a venue for bringing culture forward.

She is an urbanist, currently working in the East Bay as a Historic Preservation Planner. Other professional work has included development and design review, transit planning and housing policy. All of these efforts have kept her engaged with the community and public process. Downtime finds her drawing, or painting, or designing interiors.

Her joy is felt most acutely when experiencing something new, or in the company of her family and friends – an inspired group of thinkers, teachers, caregivers, comrades, activists and artists – joining her in the search for genuine, unaffected humanity.

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