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Who we are: Resident Artists

Laura Brueckner


Laura Brueckner is a dramaturg and arts journalist. She’s keenly interested in process design, especially as it relates to new play development. She proudly serves CFT as one of its two resident dramaturgs, working chiefly on world premieres and commissions. She is also communications manager for Theatre Bay Area, where she steers the organization’s journalistic coverage of career, craft, field, advocacy, and news topics. She recently earned her Ph.D. in dramaturgy at UC San Diego, and continues to perform, write, and direct for the stage and devise conceptual/theatrical oddments for nontraditional venues.

CFT Credits

Dramaturg: Forever Never Comes, Sticky Time, 410[GONE], The Taming, The Late Wedding, Truck Stop, On A Wonderverse

Producer: 2013 and 2014 Matchbox Reading Series

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