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Who we are: CFT Staff

Caro Asercion

Leader of Artistic Producing

Caro Asercion (they/them) is a producer, dramaturg, interdisciplinary artist, and advocate for new plays. After working on Crowded Fire productions Death Become Life: Banish Darkness and the Matchbox Reading Series, Caro joined CFT staff as a Literary Associate in 2019. Since then, they have helped steward the R&D Playwriting Lab, Crowded Fire’s new play development arm. Caro also wears a number of other hats at Crowded Fire, including artistic facilitation, line producing, and support for general operations.

Beyond CFT, Caro has helped to develop and produce new works at a range of theaters across the Bay Area and beyond, including A.C.T., Custom Made Theatre Company, Town Hall, the Asian American Theater Project, Bay Area Playwrights Festival, and Magic Theatre.

Caro is interested in new works that are structurally and formally iconoclastic. In addition to their work as an artistic producer, they hold a passion for interactive design experiences and the intersection between theatre and games.

To reach Caro directly, email CaroA (at)

CFT Credits

Artistic Facilitator: Edit Annie (2023)

Dramaturg: Kaleidoscope (workshop, 2022)

Script Supervisor: 2019 Matchbox Reading Series

Assistant Stage Manager: Death Become Life: Banish Darkness (2018)

Observership: 2016 Matchbox Reading Series

Producer: R&D Lab Reading Series (2021); 2023 Matchbox Reading Series; Developmental workshops of Shipping & Handling (2024), Kaleidoscope (2022), and KARA (2023)

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