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Commissioned World Premiere

Shipping & Handling

By Star Finch
Directed by Lisa Marie Rollins
Postponed—new dates to be announced, stay tuned!

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Dear Crowded Fire friends,

After several days of deliberations with every theater-maker involved in the production, and centering our team and audience’s health and safety in regards to the current COVID surge, our entire staff including: Leigh Rondon-Davis, Stephanie Alyson, Julie McCormick, Bethany Herron, Caro Asercion, Star Finch, with director Lisa Marie Rollins have made the difficult decision to postpone Shipping & Handling this Fall. 

All of us at Crowded Fire are deeply committed to Star’s vision, and Shipping & Handling has been in our souls and thinking since 2017. As a piece that goes beyond a production – as an expression of our humanity, a spiritual manifestation, and belief in a future existence – we wish for everyone to feel the fullness and wonder of being together in the same room.

COVID variants have been intensifying over the last weeks, and we are being told that the surge is likely to continue to grow over the coming months. The particular difficulty of these new variants is in their high transmissibility and ability to sidestep some of the immunity people may have from prior infections and vaccinations. Even with every mitigation measure in place inside of the production, there is increased risk for all of us because mitigation measures outside of the rehearsal and theater have been removed. Had we proceeded with the process and had to cancel part way through, we would not have the resources to try again in the future. Had we proceeded with the process within this COVID surge, we would also not have been able to produce Star’s vision in its full glory.

We want to bring this very special team back together after 2022 to realize this play — this future manifestation. We are dedicated to bringing Shipping & Handling to our community at a future time when it is safe for all of us to be together. 

As soon as we have new performance dates, we will be sure to let you know!

If you are eager to experience Star Finch’s work in the interim, Side Effects, her filmed play will be coming up for a screening with Campo Santo this Fall. 

Thank you for your grace and understanding. Your ongoing support during this continued pandemic is more critical than ever. 


With the deepest gratitude and respect from all of us who are a part of the Crowded Fire team –

Stephanie Alyson, Caro Asercion, Star Finch, Bethany Herron, Julie McCormick, Mina Morita, & Leigh Rondon-Davis



Creative Team:

Director: Lisa Marie Rollins ★
Scenic Design: Tonya Orellana
Costume & Mask Design: Brooke Jennings
Lighting Design: Ray Oppenheimer
Projections: Alexa Burrell
Sound Design:
Props Design: Devon LaBelle ★
Stage Manager: Rachel Mogan ★
Assistant Stage Manager:Kelli Westad
Technical Director: Beckett Finn
Production Manager: Stephanie Alyson ★

★ Crowded Fire Resident Artist


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Playwright Star Finch

Photo by Star Finch

Director Lisa Marie Rollins

Photo by Lisa Marie Rollins