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Anti-Racist Toolkit


In 2020, a group of Crowded Fire’s Resident Artists got together and asked: how can we leverage our power as individual artists to advocate for change at institutions?


As a result of our conversations, this photoset is what we are calling an ‘Anti-Racist Toolkit’: built to empower artists, employees, educators, patrons, and all others who coexist within the theatre ecosystem as they navigate asking organizations to implement and strengthen their existing anti-racist policies and practices.


You can view the toolkit over on our Facebook  and Instagram, or download a PDF photoset.


As theaters across the country continue to incorporate anti-racism into their operations and organizational culture, it is crucial to remember that

member of the theatre ecosystem—actors, directors, designers, administrators, technicians, educators, audiences—has the capacity to make a difference.


We encourage you to reach out to a local theater company you believe in and ask them what they are doing to implement anti-racist practices and policies for their BIPOC employees, artists, and patrons; as well as, spread the word about this toolkit, and pass it along to others who may find it useful!


If you utilize the toolkit, we invite you to share your experience with the hashtag #IAskedMyTheater!