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Past Production

The Bereaved

By Thomas Bradshaw
Directed by Marissa Wolf+
Apr 4–Apr 27

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Featuring: Lawrence Radecker*+, Michele Leavy*, Josh Schell, Denmo Ibrahim*, Geoffrey Nolan, Olivia Rosaldo, Reggie D.White*, Jeremy Falla

Scenic Design: Maya Linke

Light Design: Darl Andrew Packard

Costume Design: Maggie Whitaker

Sound Design: Brendan Aanes

Props Design: Ali Dineen

Dramaturg: Sonia Fernandez+

Fight Choreographer: Marilee Talkington+

Assistant Director: Addie Gorlin

Production Manager: Stephanie Alyson Henderson+

Technical Director: Geoffrey Nolan

Stage Manager: Stephanie Alyson Henderson+

Assistant Stage Manager: Frances Reyes Bolinger


“The beauty of Thomas Bradshaw’s “The Bereaved” lies both in how blithely he upends racial and social stereotypes and in the fun we have watching him do it.” Rob Hurwitt, SF Chronicle

“Bradshaw is like Molière writing for HBO. Or Skinemax, er, Cinemax. He mashes up the foreboding darkness and twisty surprises of a Pinter or an Albee with the shiny, happy pace of a 30-minute sitcom. The results are wildly amusing and, yes, even a little shocking.” Chad Jones, Theater Dogs

“Artistic director Marissa Wolf gives the play a sharp, brisk staging that brings out the hysterical humor and nonstop suckerpunches beautifully. Maya Linke’s fantastic set is a work of art in itself.” Sam Hurwitt, The Idiolect