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Past Production

Revolt. She Said. Revolt Again.

By Alice Birch
Directed by Rebecca Novick
Mar 1–Mar 24
West Coast Premiere
Venue: Potrero Stage

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Alice Birch

For all the #NastyWomen (or anyone who can say #MeToo) looking for #GirlsLikeUs, wondering why #NeverthelessShePersisted, who want to #AskHerMore: Revolt.

Exhilaratingly wild, fearless and playful, REVOLT. SHE SAID. REVOLT AGAIN. is feminism at its messy edge. Alice Birch morphs language and explodes boundaries in this darkly comic manifesto exploring the myriad ways women are styled, shaped, and confined to fit society’s expectations, asking us: What happens when we rebel?


A nod to our fellow marketers at Company One/Boston and Silo Theatre/New Zealand, who crafted some of this language for their own productions of Revolt. She Said. Revolt Again. Used with permission.


This play runs 70 minutes with no intermission.


CW: Descriptions of sexual assault; fake blood; strobe lighting effects.


Featuring: Karla Acosta, Gabriel Christian, Cat Luedtke, Leigh Rondon-Davis, Soren Santos, Elissa Beth Stebbins

Assistant Director: Ariana Johnson
Dramaturg: Maddie Gaw
Scenic Design: Justine Law
Costume Design: Keiko Shimosato Carreiro★
Lighting Design: Dylan Feldman
Sound Design: Cliff Caruthers
Props Design: Adeline N Smith★
Stage Manager: Benjamin Shiu★
Assistant Stage Manager: Breanna Kitty Dacey
Production Manager: Stephanie Alyson Henderson★

★ Crowded Fire Resident Artist


“… couldn’t be more apropos for today’s #MeToo movement, or for the adventurous, women-run Crowded Fire.”
Jean Schiffman, San Francisco Examiner

“You can tell a show is genuinely radical when it somehow both scares you and instills in you the thrill of power… This whirlwind collage of scenes, this anarchic cacophony of a play is that rare theatrical work that lives up to the revolutionary promise of its title.”
Lily Janiak, San Francisco Chronicle

“… a call for another kind of revolution for the theater world.”
Kim Waldron, Theatrius


(From left) Cat Luedtke, Elissa Beth Stebbins, and Leigh Rondon-Davis prepare to dismantle a few things in Revolt. She said. Revolt again.

Photo by Cheshire Isaacs

Ensemble cast member Cat Luedtke takes a smoke break.

Photo by Alessandra Mello

Ensemble cast members (from left) Cat Luedtke, Elissa Beth Stebbins, Leigh Rondon-Davis, and Karla Acosta freeze in a moment of revolution.

Photo by Alessandra Mello

Ensemble cast member Elissa Beth Stebbins tapdances desperately to earn praise that is both qualified and overly descriptive.

Photo by Alessandra Mello

Ensemble cast member Karla Acosta wants Mondays off to walk her pit bull through potato fields; ensemble member Gabriel Christian offers vending machine chocolate as a compromise.

Photo by Alessandra Mello

What happens when sexy time language gets subverted? Ensemble cast members Soren Santos and Elissa Beth Stebbins find out.

Photo by Alessandra Mello


The Bernard Osher Foundation
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Pepi Ross and Jason Marks

Steven Collier
Graham Gockley
Karena Fiorenza and Emrys Ingersoll
Dugan Moore
Tina Brier & David Shapiro
Celine and Dan Shimizu
Joseph Mallon & Susanne Trowbridge

Crowded Fire is a resident company of Potrero Stage, operated by PlayGround. This production is made possible in part through the Potrero Stage Presenting Program.