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Past Production

One Big Lie

By Liz Duffy Adams
Directed by Rebecca Novick+
Mar 17–Apr 16
World Premiere
Venue: Exit Theatre

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This musical fable pits gods against mortals in a search for ultimate truth that takes us from the ancient world to a future we’re all too familiar with.  Traversing time from a theatricalized ancient world through the industrial age to a time “just a little bit in the future,” One Big Lie follows two sisters and a brother whose dilemmas repeat in each age as they struggle to discover who’s really holding the cards.  With a rebel God of Lies and a singing oracle who turns into a 20’s reporter, One Big Lie is a romp that turns abruptly serious as our heroes are forced to stand trial for “anti-patriotic acts.”

Featuring: Linda Jones*+, Cassie Beck+, Mollena Williams+, Paul Lancour+, Alexandra Creighton+, Juliet Tanner+, Adam Chipkin+, Alan Quismorio+

Musicians: David Rhodes+, Homer Hsu, Sam Smith, Joe Sargent

Composer: David Rhodes+

Set Design: Melpomene Katakalos+

Costume Design: Jocelyn Leiser+

Masks/Props Design: Pegeen McGhan+

Light Design: Heather Basarab+

Dramaturg: Amy Mueller

Choreographer: Cassie Beck+

Vocal Coach: Amy Greacen

Stage Manager/Assistant Director: Michelle Thomas+

Production Manager: Naren Larsen+

Assistant Stage Manager: Bruce Walters

Assistant Costume Design: Lindsay Peck Scherloum

Assistant Light Design: Jarrod Fischer+

Set Crew: Dave Nowakowski, Joel Frangquist

Costume Crafts: Jerri Patterson

Wig Stylist: Jenna Hurd

Graphic Design: Julie Baum

Box Office Manager: Emma Sonduck


“savvy, tantalizing, funny…another vigorously meta-theatrical trip through one of Adams’ fantastical constructs, a dizzyingly artificial world with more than passing resemblances to our own.” Rob Hurwitt, SF Chronicle