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Past Production


By Jonas Hassen Khemiri
Directed by Evren Odcikin
Sep 6–Sep 29
West Coast Premiere
Venue: Boxcar Playhouse

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It begins with a name—Albukasem. Through a tornado of words, a collage of images, and a finely woven tapestry of scenes, Jonas Hassen Khemeri takes us on a magical game of theatrical “telephone.” Who, or what, is this Albukasem? My dancing uncle…the punchline to your joke…that smooth talking chick magnet we met at the bar…or the terror that comes in the night? INVASION! is an explosive comedy that assaults our deepest prejudices about identity, race, and language.

Featuring: George Psarras, Lawrence Radecker+, Olivia Rosaldo-Pratt, Wiley Naman Strasser

Dramaturg: Laura Brueckner+

Language Consultant: Dolfakar Al-Waheed

Stage Manager: Mina Sohaa Smith

Visual Artist: Ali Dadgar

Scenic Design: Alex Friedman

Sound Design: Sara Huddleston

Lighting Design: Darl Andrew Packard

Costume Design: Miyuki Bierlein

Props Design: Chelsea Pegram

Video Design: Wesley Cabral

Assistant Director: Miyuki Bierlein

Assistant Dramaturg: Alycia Coombes

Assistant Stage Manager: Katie Forbes