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Institutional Support

Artistic Leaders Circle



Karena Fiorenza Ingersoll & Emrys Ingersoll
Dugan Moore
Toni Rembe & Arthur Rock
Celine and Dan Shimizu
David Thompson & Luis Tamayo
G. Tiphane



Tina Brier & David Shapiro
Steven Collier
Jennifer Devere Brody
Sean Fenton
Kerstin Firmin & Steve Love
Graham Gockley
Naomi Janowitz & Andrew Lazarus
Thomas, Susan & Chelsea Looy
Joseph Mallon & Susan Trowbridge
Tiffany Cothran & Kieran Ringgenberg
Emily Rosenthal
Jason Marks & Pepi Ross
Patricia Sakai & Richard Shapiro



Kathy & Mark Bressler
Jennifer Burden
Nancy & Chase Dearborn
Sandra Hess
Jill Matichak
Helene Park
The federal public and community defenders of the Ninth Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals in honor of Tina Brier.



Linda Brewer
Alan Brown
Keren Creations
Alycia Dymond & Philip Genera
Morgan Forsey
Connie Garrison
Keith Goldstein
Nancy Olson
Marjorie Randolph
Eleanor Reinholdt
Elizabeth & Steven Rosenberg
Bekka Robbins & Andrew Sullivan
Noelle Vinas & Kevin Vincenti



Janice Azebu
Valerie Barth
Denmo Ibrahim & Wesley Cabral
Lisa Callender
Harriet Chessman & Bryan Wolf
Judith Cohen & Malcolm Gissen
Michael Fenton
Roger Gould & Catherine Wagner
James Imahiro
Nikolene Isely
Emory Lee
Miriam Lewis
Jonathan Luskin
George Maguire
Tim & Mary Marnell
Susie Medak
Andrew Meisel & Marilee Talkington
Amanda Melton
Susette Min
Everett and Julia Moore
Phoebe Moyer
Patricia Radecker
Ellen Robinson
Anna & Bryan Rodrigues
Charles Shamieh
Gae & Mel Shulman
Nancy Smith
K.M. Soehnlein
Lisa Steindler
Tolbert/Garrison Familia



Douglas Armstrong
Vivian Auslander
Sue Behr
Elizabeth Benedict
Amy Bobeda
Shad Bradbury
Farah Bullara
Eugenie Chan
Amie Chang
Dale Cook
Stardust Doherty
Ellen Dunphy
Elaine Eger
Rebecca Ennals
Rodney Farrow
Judith Feins & Richard London
John Glazer
Samuel Harrison
Barbara Hebert
Kerry Higuera
Theresa Hurley
Richard Louis James
Jennifer Jordan
Ann Katzburg
Venus Ke
Julie Kuwabara
Terry Lamb
Paul Loper
Siri Louie
Cat Luedtke
Jamie McClave
John Mercer
Amy Mueller
Rose Oser
Abigail Panares
Marilyn Patel
Rosemary & Samuel Robinson
Oliver Saria
Judy Schwartz
Susan Shay
Jay Siegel
Molly Aaronson-Gelb & Jonathan Spector
Deborah Taylor Barrera
Marjorie Westbrook
Sarah Williams
JoAnne Winter & Adrian Elfenbaum
Tom Toro & Marissa Wolf

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(Donors listed on this page include donations/pledges from January 1, 2024.)

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