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Past Production

Mechanics of Love

By Dipika Guha
Directed by Jessa Brie Moreno
Feb 18–Mar 12
World Premiere
Venue: The Thick House

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Dipika Guha

A man who forgets everything falls in love with a ballerina who forgets nothing, that is until she falls in love with him. And his wife. And their mechanic. Characters frolic through life in this pirouette of a play–a wild romp about how we love, who we choose, and the cost of making sense of it all. 



FeaturingLuisa Frasconi◼, Carl Holvick, Damien Seperi, Lauren Spencer
Dramaturg: Laura Brueckner★
Stage Manager:
 M. Sohaa Smith★
Assistant Stage Manager: Matthew Casey
Scenic Design:
 Deanna L. Zibello
Scenic Design Assistant: Adeline Smith
Costume Design:
 Keiko Shimosato Carreiro
Lighting Design: Beth Hersh
Sound Design: Cliff Caruthers
Props Design: Miranda Herman
Production Manager: Stephanie Alyson Henderson★

★ Crowded Fire Resident Artist
◼ Member of Actors’ Equity Association


” sly humor and blithe poetry…providing some strong justification for [Guha’s] rapid rise as an up-and-coming playwright.” –Rob Hurwitt, SF Chronicle

“There’s something so odd, so wonderfully odd about Dipika Guha’s MECHANICS OF LOVE, a world-premiere comedy from Crowded Fire Theater. There’s a decidedly offbeat rhythm to this delightful one-act, a sort of controlled silliness underscored by a decidedly serious exploration of just how the metaphorical gears of the heart do (or do not) turn into roaring engines when connected to the gears of another.” –Chad Jones, TheaterDogs

“This new fantasy about love transcending the test of time is both a pleasure to watch and food for thought long after you leave the theater.” –Tiphane, Gasp!


How do you find love when memory fails you? Luisa Frasconi plays a ballerina with an artificial spine in search of love. Carl Holvick plays the man who forgets everything until he meets the ballerina.

Photo by Pak Han

When Georg, the mechanic, (Damien Seperi) encounters Francesca, the ballerina with an artificial spine, (Luisa Frasconi) his life takes a sudden turn.

Photo by Pak Han

Is love a flight of fancy or a science? Characters in Dipika Guha’s MECHANICS OF LOVE test all the variables in this World Premiere at Crowded Fire Theater. (Luisa Frasconi plays Francesca who marries both a husband and his wife, played by Lauren Spencer.)

Photo by Pak Han

In spite of a condition that causes him to forget everyone, Glen, played by Carl Holvick, holds tight to his friends and family. (Also pictured: Damien Seperi as Georg.)

Photo by Pak Han

What are the mechanics of love? Damien Seperi, as Georg, and Lauren Spencer, as Faizi, seek to find the answer in a World Premiere by Dipika Guha at Crowded Fire Theater.

Photo by Pak Han

Carl Holvick plays a man who forgets everything…including his obsessively busy wife played by Lauren Spencer…in Dipika Guha’s MECHANICS OF LOVE.

Photo by Cheshire Isaacs

Luisa Frasconi plays a ballerina with an artificial spine and a hunger for love in Dipika Guha’s MECHANICS OF LOVE. Damien Seperi plays a mechanic who thinks he wants it all…until he gets it.

Photo by Cheshire Isaacs


2016 Corporate Season Sponsor: Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton LLP

2016 Season Producers: Dugan MooreKarena Fiorenza Ingersoll & Emerys Ingersoll, G. Tiphane

2016 Season Support: San Franisco Arts Commission, San Francisco Foundation

General Operating Support: The Kenneth Rainin Foundation, Grants for the Arts/Hotel Tax Fund

Mechanics of Love Project Support: National Endowment for the Arts