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Past Production


By Idris Goodwin
Directed by Mina Morita
Apr 9–May 2
West Coast Premiere
Venue: The Thick House

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Idris Goodwin

Two ravenous African-American scholars arrive for their coveted dinner reservation at a select café. But what starts as a celebration quickly takes a raucous turn. Banter turns to debate, and debate into battle as the women figuratively and literally vie for a seat at the table. In this West Coast premiere, playwright Idris Goodwin serves up a meal of searing wit, pop-culture humor, and psychological menace in an absurdist take on “post-racial America.”

Featuring: Safiya Fredericks◼, Michele Apriña Leavy★◼, Lauren Spencer
Assistant Director/Dramaturg: Lisa Marie Rollins
Stage Manager:
M. Sohaa Smith★
Scenic Design: Mikiko Uesugi
Costume Design: Maggi Yule
Lighting Design: Stephanie Buchner★
Sound Design: Hannah Birch Carl
Scenic & Props Design: Devon LaBelle★
Production Manager: Stephanie Alyson Henderson★

★ Crowded Fire Resident Artist
◼ Member of Actors’ Equity Association


“Blackademics” is a grimmer-than-Grimm fairy tale for adults, set up like a rap-energized topical cross between “Waiting for Godot” and “No Exit.” –Rob Hurwitt, SF Chronicle

“Blackademics” is such a weird/cool blend of things funny, humane, studious and Kafka-esque that it’s inevitably absorbing. –Adam Brinklow, Edge Media

“Blackademics” is an Afro-surrealist examination of the myth of “post-racial America” and classism within a black feminist sphere….it jabs, pokes, and kicks its way toward a dramatically-thrilling conclusion… –-Erik K. Arnold, Oakulture


In Blackademics, playwright Idris Goodwin serves up a meal of searing wit, pop-culture humor, and psychological menace in an absurdist take on “post-racial America.” Pictured Safiya Fredericks (foreground) and Lauren Spencer (background).


Listen to Lisa Marie Rollins interview director Mina Morita & actor Safiya Fredericks on KPFA Radio. Air date April 6, 2015.

Photo by Cheshire Isaacs

Safiya Fredericks (right) and Lauren Spencer (center) portray two ravenous  African-American scholars who have arrived for their coveted dinner reservation at a very special café in the Midwest. Georgia, the utmost hostess, (played by Michele Leavy) offers them a deceptive snack to hold them over.


Photo by Pak Han

Ann (Safiya Fredericks) is overjoyed to celebrate her new tenure status with an elite dining experience. Her friend Rachelle (Lauren  Spencer) is less enthusiastic about Ann’s news and their service.

Photo by Pak Han

A celebration quickly takes a raucous turn in Idris Goodwin’s Blackademics. Banter turns to debate, and  debate into battle as Rachelle (Lauren Spencer) and Ann (Safiya Fredericks) figuratively and literally vie for a seat at the only table in an unusual café.

Photo by Pak Han

A quirky server Georgia (Michele Leavy) prepares Ann (Safiya Fredericks) and Rachelle (Lauren Spencer) for the next course in a meal dubbed as “endurance cuisine.”

Photo by Pak Han


2015 Corporate Season Sponsor: Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton LLP
2015 Season Producer:
Dugan Moore, Karena Fiorenza Ingersoll
Production Support:
The Bernard Osher Foundation
General Operating Support: The Kenneth Rainin Foundation, Grants for the Arts/Hotel Tax Fund