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Who we are: Resident Artists

Lawrence Radecker


Lawrence Radecker has developed and debuted roles in a number of Crowded Fire world premieres. Other productions include Golden Thread’s world premiere, Night Over Erzinga and the independent film, Table For One. He has also worked with Magic Theatre, Marin Theatre Company, Cutting Ball, Impact Theatre, Thick Description, Brava! For Women in the Arts, and Uncle Buzzy’s Hometown Theatre Show. He can be seen and heard in a variety of industrials and voiceovers, as well as a couple of television series.

CFT Credits

Juan Gelion Dances for the Sun, Big Death & Little Death, The Listener, Wreckage, Forever Never Comes, Sticky Time, INVASION!, The Bereaved, The Late Wedding, A Tale of Autumn, Church

Crowded Fire is a home for playwrights, a home for designers, and a home for actors. I’ve been fortunate to have performed in 9 CF productions in 9 seasons. I’m proud to say Crowded Fire is my home.

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