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The Campfire Games

Thank you to everyone who has signed up to play in Crowded Fire’s first annual Campfire Games! Registration is now closed, but you can follow along on social media with #TheCampfireGames, or donate to support one of the teams.


Hey Campers! We’ll be live here:

from 4-5pm on Sunday, September 20.


  • Find an item on the list!

  • Share proof of that item, using the item number, through your team’s Google form link.

    • That proof can be whatever feels right: screen capture, photo, video — write a sentence, or an essay if it calls to you! (If you have a video over 20 seconds, please upload to YouTube and share a link.)

    • The Google form will be the portal for documentation and provide instructions on where to send video and photos for your team.

  • For everything, feel free to also post to social media: tag @crowdedfire and #TheCampfireGames! Some of the items offer extra points for social sharing.

  • Try not to buy anything! Every creative item here was designed to be done with items found in your isolation hub, your castle home.

  • ALL SUBMISSIONS MUST BE RECEIVED BY 12 NOON on Thursday, September 17!


  • The Internationals – Alison Whismore
  • The Original Joes – Charles Haletky
  • The Happy Campers – Chris Clayman
  • Wonder Woman’s Pants – Christy Herron
  • Tipsy Timbers – Destiny Askin, Lily Yang, Sarah Nowicki
  • Mad Props for Crowded Fire – Devon LaBelle
  • Viva Humanity – Emily Rosenthal
  • The Nancy Druids – Jean-Paul Gressieux
  • Team Burden – Jennifer Burden
  • The S’mores – Kerstin Firmin
  • Edith Can Shoot Things – Lary Bray
  • Team Schoolhouse Canyon – Leslie Radin
  • The Hey, Hey Nows – Marissa Wolf
  • Camp Make Believe – Mina Morita
  • The New Play Lovers! – Sarah Williams

Donate to show some love for these scavenger hunters, and to get an invitation to the post-hunt celebration on September 20th at 4pm!


1 Props Design: Make a puppet from whatever you can find in your bedroom; give it a name and a character. Extra points: show it lipsynching to its favorite song! 10 5
2 Research what indigenous land you’re living on. Is there a group collecting land taxes in your area (like the Shuumi Land Tax)? Extra points for proof of payment! 5 10
3 TRIVIA TIME! Feta cheese, tomato, cucumber, olives, and oregano hold a special significance for Crowded Fire… Find a way to tell us what that meaning is! Can be a photo, a word or two, an essay, a video — be creative! Post to social and include #thecampfiregames. 5
4 TAKE ACTION. However you want, on whatever topic is burning you up right now. Protest, call your rep, make masks… the possibilities are endless. 5
5 Recreate your favorite scene from a Crowded Fire production. Stage it for your neighbors (staying safe and socially distant). Post it to social and include #thecampfiregames. 10 10
6 Share a picture of your quarantine gardening project (or your neighbor’s, if your thumb is far from green). 5
7 Donate a book that features BIPOC protagonists or heroes to a local school or library. Post it to social and include #thecampfiregames. 5
8 Recreate a beloved play’s poster art (or photo), using only items in your kitchen. Extra points if it’s a Crowded Fire show! Post it to social and include #thecampfiregames. 10 5
9 Chalk for Justice: Share a picture of your sidewalk chalk art. Post it to social and include #thecampfiregames. 5
10 Subscribe to a local newsroom. 5
11 Has a Crowded Fire artist ever rocked your world? Are they on social media? Write them a thank you letter! It could be a 280 (or 20) character tweet, an insta image, or a long facebook letter. Make sure to tag @crowdedfire and #thecampfiregames! 10
12 Lighting Design: Use innovative means to creatively light a subject for a portrait. Table lamps and candles are great, but try out that refrigerator light, the holiday lights in the box in the attic, the screens from your family’s cellphones. 10
13 Find out if your favorite store or company uses prison labor. Extra points for a photo of you standing in front of said store with a sign that reads ‘[Company] uses prison labor.’ 5 10
14 Recreate a dress from Crowded Fire’s The Taming from items in your house. (Find costuming choices at 7 seconds and 21 seconds in the referenced link.) Extra points if those items you use aren’t clothes! 10 5
15 Record your favorite monologue. 10
16 Decolonize your bookshelf. (What does that mean? Good question!) 5
17 Church services are all online during the pandemic. What would a scene from Young Jean Lee’s CHURCH look like if it took place over a zoom call? 10
18 Post your favorite poem on social media. Post it to social and include #thecampfiregames. 5
19 Research one of the ballot measures coming up in November for your region! (If you’re in California and don’t want to pick your own, check out ACA 5 on affirmative action.) Do some due diligence, and share something interesting you found. 10
20 Gather your campfire snacks for the main event on Sunday! To inspire you: we’re dreaming of s’mores, elote, hot dogs, hot cocoa, chicken adobo, paella, Scotch, lapsang souchong, bbq pork shoulder, crispy eggplant with smoked paprika…Post it to social and include #thecampfiregames. 5
21 Sound Design: Make a revolution playlist! What’s your ‘character’ listening to right now? Extra points if the character is your lipsynching puppet. 10 10
22 Write to your city or town government representative to replace Columbus Day with Indigenous People’s Day. 10
23 In Crowded Fire’s Revolt. She Said. Revolt Again. a cement wall slowly was broken through over the course of the play. What’s your wall to break through? How would you make that metaphor phsyical? Show us. 10
24 We’re all missing karaoke. Sing us a song. Extra points if you post on social and include #thecampfiregames. 10 5
25 In California, all registered voters will be getting a mail-in ballot. Wherever you are in the world, show us that your whole team (or all the eligible voters on the team!) has registered to vote. 15
26 Write a Crowded Fire play synopsis in the style of a Reddit AITA post. Extra points: share it on social media and include #thecampfiregames. 10 5
27 Visit the Killroys Website. Extra points for reading a Killroy’s play. 5 15
28 There’s a thing… something that’s been bothering you, but you just don’t know enough about it. Research. Dive in. Find an organization that’s addressing that thing. Extra points for donating to them. 10 5
29 Do a little home archive spelunking; dig up a Crowded Fire Program that’s lying around your house! Post it to social and include #thecampfiregames. 5
30 We’re booooored…. What’s your favorite book, movie, or TV show? Send us a pic or write us a line about why you love it. 5
31 Check out Crowded Fire’s mutual aid system. Sign up to give or receive (with CFT or another system — like Oakland’s community fridges!), and/or forward the info on to 2 (or more) friends! 5
32 Set Design: Get ready for the Campfire Games event on Sunday! Create a zoom background that brings us around your campfire. This can be virtual or real; it can be a fire from your childhood camping trips, or a campfire on Mars. 10
33 Oakland Unified dismantled their police department in June. Learn about the 9-year push that led to that action, and what’s next for the school district. 5
34 Tell us your first Crowded Fire show and your favorite Crowded Fire show. 5
35 Review a critic’s review of a favorite (or least favorite) play. Post it to social and include #thecampfiregames. 20
36 San Francisco is one of many cities responding to the charge to “defund the police.” Research what that means, depending on your level of knowledge — broadly, in specific in SF, or the historical context for it. Extra points — dramatize it! 5 5
37 Re-create the set from On The Periphery, using food. For extra points: we don’t want to be wasteful, so eat up! Post it to social and include #thecampfiregames. 10 5
38 Write a love letter to your favorite theater that is not Crowded Fire. 10
39 Costume Design: Get dressed up in your favorite going-out outfit and share a pic with us! 5
40 We’re all experts on something. Do you know a lot about the non-profit industrial complex, or plays written by Young Jean Lee, or mushroom farming? Have a video chat with someone who wants to learn from you! Extra points if it’s someone from a COMPETING TEAM!!! Use #TheCampfireGames to find someone! 10 10
41 Do you have a hidden talent? Show us! 10
42 TRIVIA TIME: Can you name all of Crowded Fire’s Artistic Directors, past and present? Can you draw them? (Stick figures acceptable 🙂 5
43 Obviously we need to live in the Now, but that doesn’t mean we can’t remind ourselves of how it feels to gather in person! Share a picture of you and your friends or family at the theater in the beforetimes. Post it to social and include #thecampfiregames. 5
44 Show us what you’re reading! Extra points for social justice focus. 5 5
45 Act out your favorite scene on Zoom with a friend or team member. Extra points if they’re from a competing team. 10 10
46 Is there a mantra or quote you repeat to yourself when you feel like giving up? Inspire us! Post it to social and include #thecampfiregames. 5


Remember — all submissions must be received by 12pm (noon) on Thursday, September 17th!

Then join us on the 20th at 4pm to fête the winners, relive a few highlights, and celebrate our artists! All Donors to the Games will receive an email with a link to the online celebration a day or two in advance.