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Camp Crowded Fire

Thank you to everyone who has signed up to play in Crowded Fire’s third annual scavenger hunt! Registration is now closed, but you can follow along on social media with #CampCrowdedFire, or donate to support one of the teams.



  • Find an item on the list!

  • Share proof of that item, using the item number, through your team’s JotForm (check your email for the link).

    • That proof can be whatever feels right: screen capture, photo, video — write a sentence, or an essay if it calls to you!

    • The JotForm will be the portal for documentation, with easy uploading options.

  • For everything, feel free to also post to social media: tag @crowdedfire and #CampCrowdedFire! Some of the items offer extra points for social sharing.



  • Runner — Abby Pañares
  • Kitty Cadets — Julie McCormick
  • Sparky Malarkey — Bethany Herron
  • Katy’s Team — Katy Lim
  • Tipsy Timbers — Lily Yang
  • Team S’mores — Kerstin Fermin
  • Viva Humanity – Emily Rosenthal

Donate to show some love for these scavenger hunters, and to get an invitation to the post-hunt celebration on July 17th at 4pm!


Number Description Points Extra Full Points Avail Shortened Name
(as will be on the entry form)
1 PROPS DESIGN: Make a mask or robot (or masked robot?) from whatever you can find in your bedroom; give it a name and a character, and extra points if you show it lipsynching to its favorite song! 10 5 15 1. PROPS DESIGN
2 Research what indigenous land you’re living on — a great starting point for Bay Area folx is this video from Kanyon Consulting. Is there a group collecting land taxes in your area (like the Shuumi Land Tax)? Is there another way you can step into community with the tribes in your area? Bonus points for taking action this week or sharing the video above! 5 10 15 2. RESEARCH LAND
3 Put Shipping & Handling on your calendar! Star Finch’s amazing new play will run from September 1 to October 2 at the Magic Theater in SF’s Fort Mason. 5 5 3. CALENDAR
4 TAKE ACTION. However you want, on whatever topic is burning you up right now. Protest, call your rep, write letters… the possibilities are endless. 5 5 4. TAKE ACTION
5 Campfire story time! Tell us a story of the future. This could be you and a flashlight and your camera phone, or an ornate multi-person space opera staged for your neighbors. Bonus points if you post it to social and include #CampCrowdedFire. 15 10 25 5. CAMPFIRE STORY TIME
6 Go visit a friend that you’d go see a Crowded Fire play with. Take a photo with them (and say hello for us!). Bonus: Share it to social media and tag #CampCrowdedFire 10 5 6. THEATER BUDDY
7 Share a favorite Afrofuturist book or surrealist artist, or find an artist whose work you want to explore more. Post it to social and include #CampCrowdedFire. 5 5 7. READING LIST
8 Put together a collage or vision board that manifests a future you hope for 10 10 8. MAKE A COLLAGE
9 Post a picture of you doing something nourishing with CFT written out somewhere on the image. Include #CampCrowdedFire 5 5 9. CFT SELFIE
10 Share your best (or worst!) post-show talkback experience… 5 5 10. TALKBACK
11 Has a Crowded Fire artist ever rocked your world? Are they on social media? Write them a thank you letter! It could be a 280 (or 20) character tweet, an insta image, or a long facebook letter. Make sure to tag @crowdedfire and #CampCrowdedFire 10 10 11. THANK YOU LETTER
12 Buy from a Black femme-identifying-led business! 5 5 12. SHOP
13 DANCE!! Integrate dance into any other Hunt item. Take part in a TikTok trend when you’re on a hike; get funky in your costume; pull your theater buddy into a waltz; wiggle your eyebrows suggestively to a song on your Fire playlist. 5 5 13. JUST DANCE
14 Some of us literally created spreadsheets of what we wanted to do when it felt safe again… What’s an in-person event or activity that you’re looking forward to or organizing? For no bonus points (because we know a lot of folx still don’t feel safe) but just for FUN if you can, DO IT! 🙂 5 5 14. GATHER
15 We hope y’all know by now that Crowded Fire launched a Twitch stream to bring our Fireside Chats online during the pandemic! Watch a stream. Bonus points: tell us about a question or idea it sparked, or a quote you’d like to lift up 5 5 10 15. VIRTUAL FIRESIDE
16 What do you know about Artificial Intelligence (AI)? Research 1-3 things about AI and share what you learned–write, share a video, draw… think school book report. 5 5 16. RESEARCH AI
17 Post your favorite poem on social media, and include #CampCrowdedFire. 5 5 17. FAVORITE POEM
18 “Cast” your pet in a play. Based on their personality, what theatrical character do they embody? If you don’t have a pet, pick another animal in your or a friend’s life. Bonus Points: Share a picture!! 5 5 10 18. PET CASTING
19 Create a playlist of your favorite songs with the word “Fire” in it. Look up new artists — do a deep dive into musicians you haven’t heard of before! 5 5 19. MAKE A PLAYLIST
20 Post your favorite photo of a CFT-related experience. 5 5 20. CFT MEMORY LANE
21 Volunteer with or donate to the Bayview Opera House (and make sure to research their fascinating history while you’re at it)! 5 5 21. DONATION
22 Get food from a local BIPOC owned/run restaurant. Post a pic of your meal, and/or write a supportive review on Yelp. 5 5 22. DINNER PHOTO
23 LITERARY COMMITTEE: Share with us a playwright who should be on Crowded Fire’s stage! Why do you love them? Why are they a fit with our style? Why now? 10 10 23. LITERARY COMMITTEE
24 Post a photo of your favorite public art — mural, statue, etc. Extra points for tagging the artist! 5 5 10 24. PUBLIC ART
25 Shipping & Handling will take place at Magic Theater in Fort Mason. Visit the neighborhood (check out Off-The-Grid!) or tell us some of your favorite things to do there! 5 15 20 25. FORT MASON
26 Arts and crafts time! Shipping & Handling has a moment where the audience creates music with the cast — how about you make your own musical instrument? Get elaborate, or stay simple: use a bucket in a new way, or design an electronic tuba that no one’s ever heard before. 15 15 26. MUSICAL INSTRUMENT
27 Share a tip for reducing plastic consumption. 5 5 27. REDUCE PLASTIC
28 Plant something! Anything! (Yes we want to fill the world with more green growing things, but we also welcome creative interpretations…) 5 5 28. PLANT SOMETHING
29 Write a love letter, or a loving critique, to your favorite theater. 10 10 29. THEATER LOVELETTER
30 Put the camp in Camp Crowded Fire — show us your most outdoorsy outfit! Bonus points for a group photo, bonus points for extra camp. 5 10 15 30. OUTDOOR COSTUME
31 Hook up with another Camp CFT team, and do something! Anything! Use #CampCrowdedFire to find other teams on social. 30 30 31. PEOPLING
32 We love finding joy and abundance in the world — and we love it when CFT is a part of it! Take a pic of you doing something nourishing, and write out CFT somewhere in the image. 5 5 32. NOURISH
33 Write a love letter to your grandparents, parents, or family member and record yourself reading it to them. 10 10 33. FAMILY LOVELETTER
34 Arts and Crafts time! Get a buddy (or several). Meet up, on video chat or in person. Without looking at your page or picking up your pen, draw your buddy’s face. Post your art, and as always, don’t forget to tag #CampCrowdedFire! 5 5 34. DRAW A FRIEND
35 Take a hike! Post a photo from the peak — bonus points if you have a teammate with you! 10 10 20 35. TAKE A HIKE
36 What is your favorite or first Crowded Fire play? Choose an artist involved, and tell us about what they are up to now! 5 5 36. FAVORITE PLAY
37 SET DESIGN: Create a vision of the future. 15 15 37. SET DESIGN


Remember — all submissions must be received by 11:59PM (midnight) on June 20th!

Then join us on the 24th at 6pm live and in person at Fort Mason to fête the winners, relive a few highlights, and celebrate our artists! All Donors to the Games are welcome to join.